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This article present each step for registration on « Coin-Center » website.


Consult of « Coin-Center » database is free and public. However, some features in « Coin-Center » require a registration.


I. Who can register ?

Anyone can register on the site « Coin-Center ». Each person has the right to open an account and to dispose it as he want.

However, some uses require special statutes, such as retail space and sales, or professional widgets.

No personal information is disclosed to third parties, whether at the profile or collection manager. 


II. Registration steps : 

1. Go to « Coin-Center » homepage ( )

2. Click on link « register » or go directly to register page :
Fill a username : You can change it each 30 days. Username must have 8 to 20 characters.
Fill password : Password are encrypted in our database and we don’t know it. It must contain more than one number, one uppercase and one lowercase.
– Fill your email : Your email will not be disclosed. We use it for send a validation link.
– Confirm your registration.  

3. Watch your inbox. 
Watch also « spam » folder. If you not receive email 10 minutes after registration, contact us at, we will validate your account.
– Click on « Confirm Registration » 
– Please, no answer to email

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