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New! Opening of Coin Center Forum for talk about Numismatist! Forum
For the moment, contribution module is inactive! We will communicate here and on social medias when it will be activated!

Features of type modification:
- Edit fields where do you want to add modification
- Add source linked to your modifications into related field
- Click on ENTER of on button SEND MODIFICATIONS, your contribution will be sent for validation!

Background color signification:
Deleted element - you proposed the deletion of this element
Added element - you proposed to add this element
Modified element - you proposed the modification of this element
Number of types to duplicate :
You will can add a picture after added new types.
To guarantee the quality of information, each contribution for Coin Center need be sourced. Please, detail below this text the source of your update!
Your contribution has been sent ! It will examined by a Coin Center expert within 48 hours. Thanks you a lot !